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The 21 Craziest Facts About Makeup

Makeup for men and extravagant facials aren’t uniquely modern trends—far from it. Ever since lipstick first appeared in Mesopotamia, cosmetics have been used to show social status, boost confidence, and change how we perceive each other. To learn more, check out these 21 crazy facts about makeup.

The 21 Craziest Facts about Makeup

The 21 Craziest Facts About Makeup

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  1. Fermenting leeches in vinegar was how Romans produced black hair dye.

  2. A law in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, declared that women (technically) require a permit to wear makeup.

  3. Nail polish was first produced in China around 3000 B.C. and included egg whites and beeswax.

  4. The UK rationed cosmetics during WWII, but lipstick was produced as normal for its “morale-boosting” qualities.

  5. Roman men donned lipstick to show off their social status.

  6. Studies show that female politicians with makeup artists are 30% more likely to win.

  7. Recessions usually see higher lipstick sales.

  8. Studies show that women with makeup are perceived as healthier, more confident, and more employable.

  9. To whiten their skin, women in the 1400s used leeches, blood-letting, and even a white-lead product that sometimes led to death.

  10. In terms of products that boost self-confidence, mascara ranks second and foundation first.

  11. 60% of women think of themselves as “fairly average.” Only 2% consider themselves “gorgeous.”

  12. An American woman spends around $1,780 throughout her life just on lipstick.

  13. Lipstick first appeared in Mesopotamia and consisted of the dust of precious gems.

  14. Nearly 900 million tubes of lipstick are sold annually around the world.

  15. In 17th-century England, both men and women wore lipstick despite pastors declaring it “sinful.”

  16. The average American woman will spend $15,000 on cosmetics over her lifetime.

  17. Romans used donkey milk or swan fat on wrinkles and the ashes of snails on freckles.

  18. In a “geisha” facial, moistened nightingale excrement is applied to your face – and some spas offer it for $150.

  19. Cleopatra often requested her ships be perfumed so the Romans could smell her arrival.

  20. Ancient Greek women used plant extracts or arsenic to lighten their hair.

  21. Fancy perfumes include whale vomit and excrement to make the other scents last longer.


Visit for up-to-the-minute makeup news.

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