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3 Oily Skin Makeup Tips for a Shine-Free Day

You want to shimmer and you want to glow, but you don’t want to overdo the oil and look like a literal grease monkey. Trying to reduce the shine and mattify oily skin can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. To help you out, we’ve selected a few proven tips so you can get the shine-free look you want.

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Choose a quality moisturizer and primer

Your foundation—what goes on top—is important, yes, but what goes underneath is also vital for giving you the right amount of glow. Even gals with oily skin need to moisturize, because a good moisturizer will help balance out your skin’s natural oil production. A moisturizer with hyaluronic acid is ideal for oily skin since it not only adds needed hydration but also shrinks pores, giving your skin a smoother, cleaner look. You can then use a primer specifically designed for oil control that will give you a matte look and save you from needing to touch up your foundation throughout the day to get rid of the shine.

Use a mattifying foundation

What words do you associate with oily? Glowing, illuminating, shining, and shimmering all come to mind. If you see any of these (or similar) words in a foundation’s description, run the other way. Products that help you “glow” will only enhance the appearance of excess oil. Mattifying foundation, on the other hand, is designed to reduce shine.

Apply your foundation with a quality blending sponge or a lightweight brush designed specifically for foundation application. Start off with a light layer and add more to areas that need it.

Touch up when needed

Even the most mattifying foundation won’t control shine all day long, so it’s perfectly okay to carry along something to touch up as needed. Blotting papers and mattifying or finishing powder can all keep oily skin in check, and they’re easy to throw in your bag as you head out the door.

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