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4 Highlighting Tips for Perfect Contouring

Professionals aren’t the only ones who can find the perfect contour that flatters your natural face shape without making you look like you’re about to go on stage. The right tools and techniques can give you that healthy, shimmery glow, so we’ve compiled four tips for highlighting and contouring to help you do just that.

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1. Get ready with a prep layer

Start with your favorite primer and foundation combination and smooth it over your entire face. Add a touch of a tinted concealer to smooth the skin under your eyes and brighten those dark circles. To start contouring your cheekbones, pick a shade of concealer that is two levels darker than your base foundation color; this will be the base for your highlighting powder.

2. Set your foundation

To avoid smears and slips and to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, brush on a clear, non-tinted loose setting powder. Sweep the powder over your forehead, on your chin, on the edge of your nose, and under your eyes.

3. Select a highlighter

There are many highlighting products on the shelves, and you’ll want to select one with a tint that coordinates with your natural skin tone. Lightly brush your selected highlighting powder over the top of your cheekbones to get that extra shimmer. A thick powder works well here.

4. Choose your tool wisely

Take the same highlighter you just used on your cheeks and brush it gently along your eyelids and brow bone. You can do this with your finger or with a firm brush that allows for precise, well-controlled application. If you want to add extra highlights to your eyes, apply an eye-brightening eyeliner to your waterline. Then, you can sweep an extra layer of highlighter over your cheekbones and blend it thoroughly.

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