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7 Makeup Mistakes We All Make

We live at a time when we have instant access to thousands of makeup tutorials simply by clicking a mouse or tapping a screen. You can watch a how-to video of how to create the perfect cat eye or read step-by-step instructions on how to get that smokey eye look. It’s easy to get excited about trying out the latest eye makeup trends, and you shouldn’t be afraid to play around. To help you on your journey to becoming an eyeshadow expert, we’ve made note of 7 mistakes that many of us make with our eye makeup.

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Using Too Many Shades at Once

Even if your palette has 9 different shades in it, that doesn’t mean you should use all 9 at once. Palettes are usually created around a particular color scheme, and you have multiple shades to create multiple looks. Typically, you can go lighter for a more natural look or darker for a more dramatic look. What you are not supposed to do is try to layer all shades at once; 2-3 is just fine. If you want a little more variety on your lid to add some dimension, you can use a darker shade as an eyeliner.

Opening Your Eyes Before Your Liquid Liner Sets

If you’re using an eye pencil as your liner, it doesn’t need any time to set, but that’s not the case with liquid eyeliner. You’ll want to keep your eyes shut for about 60 seconds to avoid a mirror image of your liner appearing on your crease.

Applying Your Makeup in Dim Lighting

To see what your face is going to look like in the real world, you want to make sure you have the most natural light possible. If straight sunlight isn’t an option, make sure you’re at least using bright enough lights to see what you’re doing. We have a tendency to overapply makeup when the light is too dim.

Neglecting to Fill in Your Brows

It’s easy to put the finishing touches on your lids and lashes and completely forget what’s above them. Don’t neglect your brows though—fill in the areas that are lacking to at least give you a smooth outline.

Following Too Many Tutorials

The problem with tutorials on YouTube and other video blog sites is that the look on camera isn’t exactly the look in real life. There’s also the fact that so many different products and applicators are used, you’ll end up breaking the bank on new purchases and spending far more time than you really need to. So don’t overdo it!

Not Setting Eye Makeup

Eye makeup needs a setting powder just like foundation. A translucent powder will help avoid smears and creasing.

Holding on to Mascara Too Long

Mascara doesn’t last forever, unfortunately. If you start noticing little flakes falling from your lashes, it’s probably time to toss the tube. We recommend throwing out your mascara after about 2 months.

If you’re ready to give eye makeup a go, choose your colors based on what appeals to you and enhances your natural coloring and skin tone. Don’t make your decision solely based on ratings, from either YouTube videos or friends. And remember to let your makeup set. Go have some fun!

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