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Day-to-Night Makeup: 3 Tips for Creating Dazzling Evening Eyes

You’re not the only one who has encountered the all-too-familiar panic. You’ve just finished your last task at work and are headed out the door when you glance at the clock and realize you’ve got about 10 minutes to make your evening date—10 minutes to take your casual day makeup and turn it into a night version that will impress.

With the limited time you have, it’s important to work on the part of your face that stands out the most. That’s why we’ve provided three tips to transform your daytime eye makeup into night makeup that will turn heads (in a good way).

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1. Add wings

You can easily dress up your basic eye makeup with a little flair called a wing. Wave good-bye to boring by grabbing a high-definition easy-glide eyeliner. Starting at the inner corner of your upper eyelid, apply your liner in a smooth motion outward, finishing with a flourish at the end.

2. Volumize your lashes

To make your eyes really stand out, grab your eyelash curler and waterproof mascara and sweep on another layer of loveliness. Use a formula specifically designed to add volume for thicker, fuller lashes. To really take your lashes to the next level, add a set of natural-hair false lashes and transform your casual day eyes into dramatic night eyes.

3. Add some shine

Once you’ve boosted your lashes and added some dramatic eyeliner, it’s time to add in just a little shine. To enhance your night eye, use a shimmery gold eyeliner pencil to line your waterline. Your eyes will be photo-worthy in minutes and give you that extra glimmer you need to transform your day makeup into night makeup.

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