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Dry Brushing Skin: Everything You Need to Know

Exfoliation has been a vital step to a quality skincare routine since skincare became a thing. For a more holistic form of exfoliation that will purify your pores and kickstart your lymphatic system, give dry-brushing a try.

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What exactly is dry-brushing?

While dry-brushing may be classified as a method of exfoliation, exfoliation actually refers to removing old, dead skin in the presence of water. You can exfoliate using your hands or an exfoliating cloth or gloves. Dry-brushing is a little different since no water is used. Dry-brushing should be done before bathing or showering and is done with a special brush.

Why dry-brush?

Dry-brushing introduces substantial benefits into your skincare routine. Not only does it remove dead skin through a buffing process, it can also help improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, promote the production of collagen, and create smooth, healthy skin.

Is dry-brushing safe for pregnancy?

If you’re expecting, check with your doctor before starting a dry-brushing routine. Be especially cautious and gentle if you are dry-brushing anywhere near your stomach.

Tips from the experts:

1. Dry-brushing is effective in stimulating collagen production, which in turn reduces cellulite, increasing blood circulation in the skin, increasing skin elasticity, and improving the digestive system and the kidneys. Results can be seen within two weeks!

2. Dry-brushing is a great tool to add to your weekly routine, and you can do it more often on rough areas of your skin like your heels, elbows, and knees. With the added increase in circulation, it’s a great trick to heat up in the winter!

3. Use a brush that has natural, coarse bristles and a handle for easier maneuvering.

4. Brush with long sweeps from your feet upwards. Move to your arms and then work in toward your chest. Don’t neglect skin that typically gets neglected, like the backs of your arms and your inner thighs.

5. Follow up your dry-brushing routine with a quality moisturizer like a shea- or cocoa- based body butter.

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