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How to Apply Blush: 4 Tips for a Perfect Finish

Whether you’re going for the contoured look or just want to add a sun-kissed glow to your pale cheeks, you need to select a shade of blush that works with your complexion and gives you the look you want. Also consider the texture of your blush: a cream blush will give a more natural look, whereas a powder blush will create a more dramatic effect. Once you’ve found your perfect product, follow these four tips of the trade to apply blush for flawless rosy cheeks.

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1. Pick the right brush

How you apply your blush depends on the type of blush you’re using. If you’re applying a powdery blush, your best option is a large round brush designed for blending, as this will evenly distribute the color as you sweep it across your cheeks. For a creamy blush, however, a smaller tool that gives you more control is ideal. You may find your fingers work best with this type of product.

2. Start light

As with foundation and many other makeup products, it’s best to start off with a light layer and gradually deepen the color to your desired shade. It’s far easier to add more than to remove a glob of bright pink from your cheek. Be sure to tap your brush to remove excess loose blush before sweeping it across your cheeks so you don’t end up with over-pigmented areas.

3. Go up, not down

When figuring out how to apply blush, remember to always blend your blush product upwards and outwards. If you do it any other way, you won’t be able to achieve a natural look. Bronzing powder can be added in the lower part of your cheek, where your cheekbones are hollowed out, to create a contoured look.

4. Use a highlighter

A highlighter isn’t essential if your primary goal is to add natural-looking color, but a little highlighter does add some subtle shimmer to your face. Many blushes have highlighter added to the formula, and you can also add a liquid illuminating highlighter over your blush and blend it in for a nice glow.

With the right products, tools, and techniques, learning how to apply blush is easy. Check out for more tips on applying makeup.

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