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How to Apply Bronzer for a Natural Sun-Kissed Look

With the rising popularity of highlighter, bronzer has been pushed to the back of the shelf. And that’s unfortunate, as bronzer can make you look like you’ve just spent a weekend in Fiji, even in the middle of the winter. Bronzer can be used as a blush to add some color to your cheeks and it can also be used as a contouring product. There’s a method to the bronzer madness, though, so we’ve collected some tips for you on how to select a good formula and apply it so it enhances your natural beauty.

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1. Start light. Bronzer is not something you want to heap on with your first swipe. Shake off any extra powder before you begin to apply it so you don’t overapply in one area, and use a stippling brush to smooth it onto your skin. Start with a light layer; you can always add more to darken things up a little after you see how it looks.

2. Focus where light touches your face. Those parts of your face that the sun touches first are the parts where you should apply your bronzer. To contour, use a tapered brush. You’ll want to apply your bronzer beginning with your forehead close to your hairline and moving to your cheekbones and down to the jawline. Think about drawing the number 3 as you work.

3. Don’t forget to blend. If you want a natural sun-kissed look, be sure to blend in your bronzer to the surrounding skin to avoid overly apparent lines.

4. Pick a bronzer that’s compatible with your skin type. If your skin type is oily or you are prone to blemishes, you’ll want to go with a powder formula that advertises a matte finish. If you prefer a more glistening look, you can use a gel-based bronzer (as long as it is sans oil). If you have dry skin, use a cream-based bronzer. Apply your bronzer in a circular motion after tapping off the extra powder.

5. Add to your eyelids. Bronzer can also add a touch of natural highlighting to your upper lids. So take advantage of this underused product.

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