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How to Apply Bronzer to Enhance Your Face Shape

Bronzer application is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Overly liberal application in all the wrong places can make you look like you’ve just fake-baked instead of giving you the healthy glow you were trying to obtain. The best place to apply your bronzer depends primarily on your face shape and structure.

As a general guideline, the best places to apply your bronzer are those parts of your face that the sun would normally hit first, including the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and your cheeks. Light application will give you the best results, and you can even dust some bronzing powder on your collarbone.

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If you have an oval face, lightly dust your bronzer along your cheeks and at the very top of your forehead, close to your hairline. If you want some more color, you can add a little to your nose, but don’t make it too dark.

For a heart-shaped face, add a little more bronzer to your hairline and temples, but keep the same basic look as oval-faced makeup artists. Also add a light layer to your chin.

If your face is round, use your bronzer to create a slimming look by dusting it along the cheekbones and down to the jawline, but be sure to take some time to blend it in thoroughly.

If you were blessed with a rectangular face shape, apply your bronzer in the center of your forehead and on your cheeks between the cheek hollows and top of the cheekbones.

If your face shape is square, your bronzer should be dusted in the same general areas but with more of a curved sweep.

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