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How to Become a Makeup Artist in 5 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

Watching celebrity makeup artists enjoy fame and fortune may lead you to wonder how you could possibly follow in their footsteps. We’ve gathered some info from some of the industry’s makeup greats to make you a list of steps you can take to start down that path.

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Get Educated

You need to learn from the best to become the best. Whether you choose to attend makeup school, intern with an accomplished makeup artist, or watch YouTube videos, you need to learn the trade before you start practicing on your clients. Professional makeup artists who are also video bloggers can offer valuable insight into training opportunities.

Be Prepared to Train Without Pay

Sometimes the best way to become a talented makeup artist is to shadow already established artists. You’ll get your foot in the door as well as hours after hours of up-close-and-personal observations. Be prepared to volunteer your time, but it will be well worth it.

Know that You May Not Reap Your Rewards for a While

Fame is not won in a day. Many of the great makeup artists have taken many years to slowly build up their clientele and gain their experience. Word of mouth is a valuable asset, and the more well-known your name becomes, the greater the opportunities that will fall into your lap. Eventually you’ll see the fruit of your labors, but it may take patience and time.

Network with Clients and Brands

Not only should you build strong relationships with your clients and network with fellow artists, you should also connect with brands to keep your options open. Your next big client may come your way from a brand you’ve established an enduring relationship with.

Stay on the Move

If you truly want to become a celebrity makeup artist, you can be prepared to be busy every minute of the day. Traveling will become an expected part of your regular routine. You may go from Los Angeles to the UK and back to New York in a week. And you can cross off an 8-5 schedule; you’ll find yourself working from sunup to far beyond sundown when you’ve reached the level of fame you seek. So, get ready to move, and to move quickly.

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