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How to Even Out Your Skin Tone Quickly and Effortlessly

Whether you’re plagued with redness, sun spots, blemishes, or a combination, one of the goals of your makeup routine is creating a smooth, clean complexion. With the help of the experts, we’ve compiled four vital steps to evening out your skin tone without too much effort. Read ahead to find out how to select the products that are right for you and how to apply them.

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1. Apply a quality primer. A quality primer should be the base to any other makeup you add. Primers can reduce the appearance of pores while smoothing skin. Your foundation will be able to blend faster and go on easier, and a primer will also increase the staying time for your makeup. For skin discoloration issues, many color-correcting cream products can work as a primer as well.

2. Add foundation and blend. You can use light to medium coverage foundation after you apply your primer. Start from the center of your face and blend your product outwards and dab around the edge of your face, from your hairline down to your jawline. Stay away from foundations that offer full coverage unless you have time, patience, and skill to adequately blend it.

3. Apply concealer where needed. For the best results when evening out your skin tone, your concealer should be applied after your foundation, not before. Otherwise, you may just wipe away that carefully applied product with your foundation applicator. Yellow-based concealers work best for covering redness, while orange/pink-tinted ones are ideal for hiding dark circles under the eyes. Always pat on your concealer for adequate coverage. If you need extra coverage, a concealer wand may be the way to go.

4. Finish with setting powder. To fully even out your skin tone, don’t neglect a setting powder. Both pressed and loose powder can be used for this last step to even out any bumpy skin texture that is remaining, especially surrounding blemishes.

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