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Makeup for Hooded Eyes: 5 Tips for Eyes that Pop

Guidelines that show you how to create the perfect look for your specific eye shape are invaluable. With more than six different common eye shapes and many other less common ones, it’s pretty obvious that what works for one may not work for another. Applying a cat eye, for example, takes on a unique spin depending on what shape your eye is if you want to bring out the best. And if you are lucky enough to be one of those with hooded eyes, where the eyelid is partially obscured by the skin from the upper brow, there are specific tricks you can use to really make your eyes pop and avoid the messy shadow smears that so commonly plague hooded eyes.

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Use simple two-toned shadow with defining mascara.

To really open up the eyes and make them stand out, use two tones of eyeshadow. Start with a light matte shade and brush it from your lash line to your brow bone. With the second, darker shade, apply a light layer along the lash line. For a more dramatic, evening look, go darker; stay light for a more casual look. Add a deep black volumizing mascara to more fully define your lashes and really pop open your eyes.

Highlight, wing, and curl.

Another way to go to really bring out hooded eyes is to apply a neutral, medium shade of eyeshadow to the lid and part of the brow area to reduce the hooded look. You can add a wing with your eyeliner just past the edge of the lash line. This will give your eye a lifted appearance. Add a smudge of pale shimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter to the inner corner of the lid. Apply a thick layer of mascara and curl your lashes to further enhance your eyes.

Draw all eyes to the lash line.

Drawing attention to your lash line takes the focus off the hidden eyelids. Using an angled or flat eyeliner brush, tightline your lashes by carefully applying a gel or cream eyeliner (or pencil) to the waterline. To add a contrast, use a lighter, brighter shadow on the lid by the lash line. Where the eyelid crease typically is, a neutral shade of eyeshadow can be used, accompanied by a light concealer under your brows to add some additional highlighting. Lightly dust another layer of shadow under the lower lash line and layer on the mascara.

Use a quality primer

As all makeup wearers with hooded eyes know, hooded eyes mean more smudging and creasing, so take precautions to use a quality eyeshadow primer before applying your shadow to maximize the stick potential. Use a neutral shade of matte eyeshadow to imitate the crease that would normally be there to lighten up the eyes.

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