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Makeup for Women over 50: 5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Fresh Look

Our culture has all sorts of dos and don’ts when you hit that ripe old age of 50. Makeup is no exception. Rumors are aplenty as to what’s acceptable for women over 50, but it can be hard to narrow down the facts. Does a matte look really deepen wrinkles? Does highlighter add an extra 10 years on? We’ve compiled a few of the myths and facts about makeup and aging to help you cross this threshold with grace.

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Myth: Women over 50 should use brown mascara instead of black.

Truth: If you’ve always used black mascara, there’s no reason to change it now. You can always lighten up your look by using a formula that doesn’t go on quite as thick.

Myth: If you’re over 50, you should avoid “glowing” foundation and stick with a matte formula.

Truth: Your ideal formula has more to do with your skin type than your age. Many older women can use a concealer for coverage and a lighter foundation, but again, it depends on how much coverage is needed and whether you tend to run on the oily or dry side.

Myth: Smokey eyes are only for the younger crowd.

Truth: You can wear any makeup at any age if you follow one tip: run a beige eye pencil along the water line. That will brighten up your eye enough that you can go as dark as you want with your shadow and liner.

Myth: Older women should stay away from shimmer and glitter.

Truth: You certainly don’t want to overdo it, but there’s no harm in adding a little sparkle to your eye. Metallic eyeliners and eyeliner with a more satin finish can really bring light to your eyes, especially when used on the lash line.

Myth: Older women should stay away from bright-colored, creamy lip products.

Truth: Using a liquid or matte lip product will keep your lipstick from getting into your fine lines around your lips. You can also use a lip liner specifically designed to avoid that feathered look and prevent bleeding. Brighter shades of lipsticks can actually bring some flattering color to an older face.

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