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15 Ways to Get Free Makeup

We all want to look our best—but sometimes it’s difficult to determine the right cosmetic products to help us achieve our best selves. Experimenting with different makeup products, from lipsticks and eyeliners to bronzers and skincare creams, is also an exciting way to keep your look fresh and radiant, but quality cosmetics can be expensive, and you don’t want to spend that kind of money on a product that may not work well for you. That’s where free makeup samples come in.

All around the internet are websites that offer free samples of makeup, allowing you to try new products completely risk-free. In some cases, retailers simply offer free samples of their products to prospective customers, hoping that they’ll be impressed enough to return for a purchase. In other cases, you can receive free makeup products for filling out consumer surveys or participating in cosmetic testing trials, where you submit your feedback on the product to the respective company. The bottom line is that there are a lot of ways to take advantage of free makeup samples on the internet.

Here is a list of 15 sites where you can get free makeup samples and/or products:


Tryspree offers a variety of free makeup samples, makeup tools and skincare products. Get samples from companies such as MAC, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent and other high end makeup companies.


Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics, a trading company of Estée Lauder Cosmetics Limited, is a great place to get makeup samples. You can test their high-quality products and choose which ones suit you best for free.

Magic Freebies

Magic Freebies is a UK-based company that is updated daily with the latest free stuff, free samples, and freebies from around the UK.. On this site, you can get samples of products such as YSL foundation, MAC lipstick, and all kinds of beauty products from Boots.


Freeflys updates you daily so you can keep track of free beauty samples offered by a variety of companies. Test new beauty products for free and find out what suits you best.


One of the well-known leaders in prestige omni-retail, Sephora, offers up to 2 samples per order. Be sure to get your order in quickly as they sometimes go out of stock due to the high volume of orders being placed daily.

Free Cosmetic Testing

Free Cosmetic Testing is a market research website. You can become a member and get a chance to test free cosmetics while earning points exchangeable against the products in their cosmetic shop.

Estée Lauder

You can get some amazing samples from Estée Lauder, a well-known name in the beauty industry. Just visit their website and choose from a wide range of their free product samples.


TVGiST has a free makeup samples page where they assist you in trying out different makeup brands. Get your freebies by going through their 60+ categories.

Bobbi Brown

Over the last years, Bobbi Brown has become one of the most trusted makeup brands worldwide. Try one of their samples to find out if their products work for you.

Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals prides itself with creating quality products while being mindful of your health and that of the environment. They offer up to 5 samples with every order you make.


There are probably very few people that have not heard of the name L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company. L’Oreal has a consumer participation program and they are actively looking for men and women to evaluate their products.

Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder regularly updates its website with free makeup samples for US residents. They also list a variety of other stuff such as skincare products, perfumes, and hair color.

Get It Free

Get it Free is another website with all kinds of freebies. Check out their daily updated pages to find out about some great products you might want to sample.


Hunt4Freebies has four categories for you: Freebies, HOT Deals, Sweepstakes, and Product Testing. Get free samples or even extra dollars to spend on your next makeup shopping spree.

My Savings

My Savings is one of the largest directories of coupons, free samples, and savings on the internet. Find free beauty and makeup product samples on My Savings’ daily updated lists.

With free makeup samples from these sites, looking your best has never been easier. Take the opportunity to try out entirely new styles and change up your look, or use the sample offerings to stock up on your favorite staples and keep your look fresh.

Get makeup tips and deals!

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